How can I use 2 yowhatsapps on a single phone?

 People usually have more than two mobile phone Numbers, one for personal use and one for work. I know that many companies provide their employees with a company mobile number or sim card. Before, if you had two Numbers, you had to carry two mobile phones. We have all encountered this problem. But smartphone manufacturers have found a solution to this challenge. Many smartphone manufacturers now offer phones with double sim, allowing you to use two Numbers on a single phone. Companies such as samsung, huawei, xiaomi and oppo have their own versions of dual sim phones in the market.

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Dual sim CARDS allow you to have two whatsapp accounts. The solution is simple.

The solution is now divided into 3 parts.

1.  yo whatsapp

Yo whatsapp is a mod version of the application whatsapp. The main advantage of yowhatsapp is that it is more attractive than whatsapp.

Yowhatsapp has many optimized features and many users have commented that this updated version of yowhatsapp will be better than the original whatsapp. It has been well received by users worldwide for its greater ease of use, its adaptability to people's needs and its enhanced privacy Settings.

  • Download yowhatsapp from the official download page.
  • If your android phone says "unknown source ", simply click confirm to download the app.
  • Once you have installed yowhatsapp on your smartphone, open it.
  • Set up your second phone number for yowhatsapp. You can then start using the second phone number.

2.  Setting up your phone

  • Go to adjustments
  • Click on applications
  • Select dual applications
  • Select yowhatsapp
  • Click the second yowhatsapp icon on the home screen
  • Set up your second yowhatsapp
  • It starts with the second yowhatsapp.

Note: this step applies to xiaomi devices and only differs slightly from other brands. For example, dual applications can be switched to huawei's applications division, parallel applications from one plus and live cloning applications.

WhatsApp has other relatively good plugins, such as whatsapp plus actualizado 2022, WhatsApp Plus 2022 is similar to YO WhatsApp,both are MODs and have a lot of features, but some of the focus of the two applications are different, YOWhatsApp is more focused on the customization and personalization piece. The other features of whatsapp plus V9.45 are also great!