Come on Sunday at 10:30 to get all the news that's fit to print!

We want everyone to get to know each other even better.  We want our kids to feel like equal partners in their faith journey with the adults.  We want to celebrate our accomplishments.  We want to publish a newsletter just for our St. Andrew's families and friends.  The first one will be handed out in church at 10:30 on Sunday.  If you get this email and cannot come please let me know by text or email that you want one mailed to you.  It will have two surveys.  One is for our upcoming directory and the other is just to see what everyone wants volunteer to be a part of as we deepen our faith this fall.  We need help with all types of ministries.  You might be best with paper, or people, or worship, or buildings and grounds.  Whatever your skills and passions, we have a place for you!