Have you ever been so excited that you forgot something important?

We had a great time at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church at our 10:30 service today.  Just as we were about to start the service more and more visitors came!  The regular attendance is approximately 32 people but today we had 18 visitors!  Imagine that!  I was so excited that I just forgot to read the gospel!  I lifted up the gospel in the lectionary and proclaimed it but then just started right in on my sermon which was about the Canaanite woman's story and her deep faith and courage.  Several thought that I intended to do it that way, but if truth be known, I was too excited to remember.  I am sure that everyone will forgive me just like Joseph did his family members.  Maybe even they will realize that I have only been a priest for under two months!  Come join the fun!  We had 15 children under 12 years old so your whole family is welcome.