Three Sundays in a row the gospel is about gardening.  As an avid gardener I had to take advantage of this opportunity to get everyone out to the eight raised beds to scatter some seeds.  The adults and children alike planted seeds that will be used for our fall decorations for St. Andrew's church.  Every child looks forward to selecting the perfect pumpkin in October, so we planted pumpkins in one patch.  The other "crop" I thought we could harvest was rice.  Although I have never grown rice I love to have it in fall arrangements.  Many have not seen it close up,  so we planted one bed in rice.  The others will be sunflowers, black-eyed Susan's,  purple cone flowers and cucumbers.  Now the seeds are scattered and sown, we will see which have fallen on the rocky soil, which have weeds that grow and choke out the real flowers.  Although we had so much fun planting, the hope is that this activity will help us all remember that we have a generous God who sows seeds of love and acceptance for all people.  Different people respond to God's love in different ways and Jesus describes them as different kinds of soil.  God wants to plant a seed in your life.  Let us get our soil ready!